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the most beautiful experience of the wedding preparations

We are happy to answer specific questions in detail by phone. The wedding ring courses are generally one-day, weekend or during the week (usually from 10:00am - open end, depending on skill and difficulty of the rings). A maximum of two couples are cared for at a course by an experienced goldsmith.

After Corona, everyone is happy about experiences that are allowed again. That's why we give you the course fee of 110 € for a third person in the wedding ring course for 1 year. This is allowed to forge a silver ring (20 € to 50 €) and takes pictures of the course. The metal for it must be paid for. So our Corona gift: pay for two but come in threes.


Preliminary talk:

The course fee per couple is currently 199,-- € and includes:

  • the one-day course in one of our modern goldsmith's workshops.
  • machine engraving of the rings (name/date).
  • a case for your rings and a mattingpad for matting your rings at home if required.

Before the actual course takes place, we need a consultation of about one-hour, held at the respective branch. In the consultation all related questions and details can be clarified for making your wedding rings and we will also provide a cost estimate. If you are happy with everything you convert the reservation into a firm booking by paying the course fee. The preliminary talk is exactly like the reservation absolutely free of charge!

Material and other expenses:

You work exclusively with high-quality alloys in the wedding ring courses:

  • 750er Yellow-, White- and Rose-Gold
  • 950er Platinum/Wolfram
The reasons why we will not offer the 585 or even 333 gold and 600 platinum alloys will be explained in detail on the respective material page.
Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, special engravings (e.g. fingerprint of the partner) and special requests will be charged separately.

Information is available at the Price page (or give us a call).

Quality of the rings and our guarantee


Almost all potential buyers are known to be not only skeptical - no, they think it is simply impossible to make wedding rings in gold and platinum so that they are not different from bought rings.
In the last 20 years we invented a course concept, where absolute layman and technically untrained persons can learn these techniques. The participants are supervised throughout the day and the goldsmiths explain each step in detail. They show every step, and check the results constantly and start corrective action ... only if necessary.

If, despite this concept, the rings do not correspond to what was agreed during the preliminary talk, then a new course will be offered to you or our goldsmiths will manufacture the rings for you (of course at no extra cost!). But with over 2000 satisfied pairs annually and 20 years of experience with this event, it is almost impossible.

Most couples are amazed at how easy it was to forge a ring and that without too much help from machines. Mostly they are astonished how quickly they reached their goal.
It can hardly be denied that you will have a completely different relationship to a self-made ring. Because you can wear the ring your partner has forged in the sweat of his or her brow for the rest of your life .

More information and details can be found here:

Wedding ring pictures Look for something suitable!

Course schedule With a short text statement of all work steps.

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